Our Mission and Values

Why Choose Denneen

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to collaborate with clients to identify clear, sure paths to growth that energize and mobilize the entire organization. Each of our customized engagements is based on rigorous analysis that yields fresh insights into our client’s markets, customers, consumers and competitors.

Our professional practice and working process are characterized by our core values:

Rigor » We are driven to reveal the plain, unencumbered truths about impediments to growth, and will dig, explore, and analyze until the true crux of an issue is fully revealed. Strategy built upon anything less is unstable and perhaps, erroneous.

Discipline » We adhere to proven frameworks and processes, not only for their value in driving thorough exploration of the issues at hand, but also to enable our clients to see, understand, and actively engage in our work.

Candor » We convey all that our rigor and discipline uncover as candidly and constructively as possible. While we are respectful of organizational sensitivities, we are committed to delivering the kind of unflinching, definitive characterization of growth obstacles and opportunities that ultimately eliminates or enables them.

Collaboration » We believe collaboration with all relevant client stakeholders is imperative to build strategy and gain alignment to execute. We engage actively throughout projects to leverage internal expertise, transfer knowledge and create a shared view of how to drive growth in the market.

Our Philosophy

The people of Denneen & Company embrace a philosophy that enables a productive and positive working process.

  • We operate in the realm of real-world concerns, not theory. Every recommendation we make reflects our front-line experiences at leading organizations and our success in advising clients on critical issues.
  • We embrace new thinking, and will collaborate with individuals at any and every level of our clients’ organizations to uncover and shape it.
  • We are both collaborative and transparent, while providing the leadership required of us.