Why Choose Us

Why Choose Denneen

Why Choose Denneen

We believe that putting your business challenges in front of broadly experienced strategy consultants produces insights that are not merely valuable, but game-changing.

We also believe that effective strategies should be tailored to your needs, not repackaged from someone else’s. That’s why we get to know your company, your people, and your culture so intimately before building your customized solutions from the ground up.

Most of all, we believe in action. So we create a clear path, with steps you can take early on to position the company for sustainable growth.

Core values drive everything we do.

From a commitment to thorough analysis, to a talent for enhancing the abilities of our clients’ internal teams, the values that drive us are what keep our clients coming back.

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We leverage the perspectives we’ve gained from numerous industries.

If you want new, bold perspectives on how to grow your business, look outside your industry. Or, look to us. We’ve gained insight from a wide range of clients.

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We create impact in the areas that drive growth.

Every recommendation we make reflects our front-line experiences at leading organizations, our success in advising clients on critical issues, and our ability to create impact.

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