Employee Experience


Working as Part of the Denneen Team

Our client engagements are never repetitive and the solutions we deliver for companies to drive sustainable improvements in business performance are far from ordinary. We encourage our people to balance the approach to an engagement with process diligence, analytical rigor, and an open mind. Understanding that each of our clients’ needs are unique, enables a working culture which is ripe with flexible and innovative thinking. Our consultants are confidently afforded the autonomy they need to manage the project and create solutions that truly are value-added for our clients.

At Denneen & Company, our consulting staff is typically involved with the day-to-day execution of a project. In these client-facing roles the consultant usually assists in structuring the approach and conducting analytical tasks that lead to a solution/recommendation for the client. We put a premium on how we develop and manage content for client deliverables and ensure valuable insights and quality work products. The scope of our growth strategy work is not only broad, but highly interesting. At any moment you could find yourself:

  • Coordinating an enterprise wide growth strategy project in a familiar or completely new industry where you are responsible for driving the development of strategic insights, recommendations, and deliverables
  • Assessing retail opportunities and go-to-market plans for expansion of a Fortune 100 company’s major brand
  • Creating an original financial model to determine a company’s potential for growth, and the impacts of risks and sensitivities
  • Executing a primary market research study and subsequent analysis yielding unique insights that shape strategies to drive business growth
  • Conducting a comprehensive business performance assessment, evaluating key business drivers and results
  • Managing the assessment, analysis, and strategy development phases of a project to help a top industry manufacturer refine their brand, product, positioning, and service offering to drive incremental business
  • Collaborating with a private equity firm to provide the strategic due diligence for a potential portfolio acquisition
  • Contributing analytical horsepower to assess global expansion opportunities
  • Conceptualizing, developing and delivering a presentation to support Denneen’s thought leadership and marketing excellence efforts
  • Contributing to our own growth efforts by supporting the development and enhancement of operational capabilities and expertise