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Case Study: Attends Healthcare Products


Attends, a healthcare products manufacturer, and then-private-equity-owned-entity, had recently completed a business/operational turnaround and was well positioned to focus on growth. With intentions to sell the company, our client needed a comprehensive enterprise growth strategy that effectively communicated a pathway to near-term growth and long-term sustainable value. The fact that Attends distributed in both retail and institutional channels, and manufactured both a private label and branded label product, made for a unique set of challenges.


Denneen & Company was engaged to develop an enterprise growth strategy to position the company for sustainable growth and exit. The team analyzed internal business data to assess performance by product, channel and customer segments, thus helping rationalize customer and product strategies. This analysis directed the go-to-market assessment, where the development of a channel map helped to clarify sources of value and channel and brand strategies. We developed growth scenarios and modeled the incremental opportunities and cost improvements across the enterprise to validate that the combined impact would achieve the financial objectives. This led to a cogent articulation of the vision and strategies to achieve growth and long-term value.  The development of alternative scenarios helped the leadership team to understand how different paths could align with the goals of potential buyers and fit with their long-term vision of the company.


The company was successfully purchased by a strategic buyer six months after this project was initiated. The work Denneen & Company did to assess the external environment, analyze internal performance, and refine and validate the growth strategies contributed to the assessment of the business, the strength of the brand, and valuation of the business. We were retained by the buyer post-closing to evaluate channel and global market expansion opportunities aligned with the strategy.