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A Discussion with Helen A. Buford, Executive Vice President, Denneen & Company

1.       What advice do you have regarding effective assessment of a market?    There are many keys to conducting an effective market assessment. A lot of research and investigation is required to do the fundamentals properly – evaluating historic category trends, projecting future category growth (which can be a challenge if data is limited for niche […]

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The Guiding Principles of Effective Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a business activity that has major implications for an organization’s growth, given that it is the bridge between an organization’s high-level business strategy (e.g. vision, mission, over-arching strategy) and its annual financial planning activities. Without it, an organization is at risk of under-delivering on its vision and growth potential, as well as […]

Designing Effective KPIs

Designing Effective KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a critically important business tool. Not only are they an integral part of operationalizing a business’ strategy, but they also enable sound decision-making by Senior Leadership. Unfortunately, KPIs are often designed poorly, making them misused and misunderstood. We encourage you to minimize the negative impact of ineffective KPIs, and instead […]

How to Know Whether Your Brand Needs Help

Brands are just like any asset deployed over an extended period of time. Every so often, they need to be tuned up to ensure continued optimal productivity. Yet, with the exception of traumatic events – like a steep drop in sales or discontinuation by a major retailer – brands typically don’t cry out for attention. […]