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“One-way on the Hyperloop, please!”

Imagine traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles in about 30 minutes. That is the idea behind Elon Musk’s Hyperloop, a transportation concept that will levitate and move “pods” at speeds of up to 760 mph. The proposed cost of a ticket down the West Coast? Twenty dollars. To some, that price will certainly sound […]

Why Do Strategic Planning At All?

Companies differ in their appetites for engaging in longer-term strategy development and planning. Some companies can be more process-driven and future-oriented whereas others can be more independent and entrepreneurial. That spectrum is normal. To that end, it is not uncommon for executives to question the value of conducting a longer-term strategy process at all – […]

Mr. Clean Mops Up Competition in Denneen & Company’s 3rd Annual Super Bowl Advertising Review

Following the Patriots’ epic victory in Super Bowl LI (and the celebration parade that subsequently passed below our Boston office windows), Denneen & Company gathered to discuss and rate 2017’s Super Bowl advertisements.  Using a proprietary scoring methodology that attempts to account for an ad’s stopping power, emotive-ness, watch-ability and share-ability, as well as the […]

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How to Develop a More Effective B2B Customer Segmentation

Segmentation is one of the most important tools in a marketer’s toolkit, enabling marketers and their organizations to identify and target the most relevant and valuable parts of the market. A well-designed segmentation can become a source of competitive advantage, and a cornerstone for building a brand and a business. Since its formal introduction in […]

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Lincoln and Buick – Revitalizing Old Brands

The Lincoln and Buick brands have been making a concerted effort over the past couple of years to re-position and reinvigorate themselves in the eyes of U.S. car buyers.  However, in an automotive world cluttered with regular and luxury offerings across almost every possible vehicle type, it’s a significant challenge given the outdated equity baggage […]

What is consumerism in healthcare?

What is consumerism in healthcare? There are so many interpretations out there. Is it Consumer Orientation? Shopping? Selecting providers based on cost? Consumer Experience? Consumer Engagement in their own care? To me it’s about winning new patients and retaining existing patients. As health systems trudge toward full vertical integration to deliver on population health, they […]

How to Assess Marketing Effectiveness

As strategic marketers, we recognize the integral ways that the marketing function drives business growth – from identifying the right target audience to developing a differentiated offer to communicating that offer in a compelling way. However, we are practicing in a time of increasing scrutiny over the value of marketing investments – especially when a […]

Megatrends through 2030 and what you can do to prepare your business

Megatrends – global, sustained, macro forces spread over long periods of time – are by their very definition “out there.” And for that reason, they are rightfully challenging for many companies to consider in their strategy development and business planning. First, there is no single, definitive source for megatrend identification and analysis. Instead there are […]

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Use the on-demand economy to your advantage

As technology unlocks the ability to enable consumers to access many real-world services in the digital realm, companies are clamoring to become the new “Uber for X” – to deliver services to consumers demanding instant gratification. Venture capital investment in these start-ups has increased from $0.2B in 2009 to $2B in 2013, while on-demand economy […]

Lebron’s Lifetime Warranty with Nike

Nike recently announced that they had inked a lifetime sponsorship deal with LeBron James that some estimate could be worth as much as $400-$500 million (how’s that for lifetime value).  With shoe sales of Nike’s Jordan brand exceeding $2.6 billion in 2014 alone (per Forbes), this might actually be a wise investment, especially if James […]